Kristin Moore, LCSW, Licensed psychotherapist

One Focus: Addiction

We as humans are predisposed to repeat that which we like and enjoy, or that which makes us feel better. Our culture places a premium on being "on top of the world" that can challenge our understanding of our own happiness and well-being. Addictions can develop as the desired repetition of enjoyment becomes unmanageable, driven by the lower brain, a part of the brain that is totally beyond conscious control.

The literature of 12-step programs, nearly 100 years in the making, describes out-of-control behavior (addiction) as a biological and familial issue. It is established that there is a genetic marker for addiction, usually occurring in the male line of inheritance, though not limited to men.

I support and work with persons engaged in 12-step programs of various focus. This work is very much complementary with psychotherapy, especially mindful or cognitive behavioral work (CBT), and each discipline and endeavor enhances the other in augmenting change.

Another Focus: Relationship to Money

A particularly acute challenge for many of us these days is financial upset and out-of-control expenditures. Few subjects other than sex are so charged with meaning as is money. Freud started the investigation of the meanings of the highly personal, private reactions attached to money, which can be the last issue to be raised in psychotherapy.

Investigating and understanding behaviors such as overspending, hoarding, or impulse buying, can be difficult but very productive as strong feelings and beliefs emerge.

Concrete strategies for changing behavior are useful, but discovering the underlying logic of these behaviors is the key to real organic change and transformation, combined with support for behavior change. The work of Debtors Anonymous, a 12-step program, is acknowledged to be a useful adjunct to any therapy process where financial dysfunction is a theme. The results can reveal surprising insights that carry over to your relationships, career goals, and your sense of self-worth and satisfaction.

Words I Like:

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