Kristin Moore, LCSW, Licensed psychotherapist

What would you like to accomplish through therapy, regardless of whether you believe it to be possible? What wish, need, fear, hope is to be addressed? We could look at, for example, improving your relationships, your career, your general outlook on life; or positively adjusting to a transition you might be going through. This work, whether tackled individually or with a partner, can facilitate couples or families in improving their relations with one another, even if the others are not in a therapy process.

Questions can include problems of communication: How do I know if I have really been heard? Am I fully expressing my wants, needs, or motives? Am I listening to my partner and colleagues? How does the partner who has the been the promise of possibility and freedom become the problem and enemy?

When we work together it is like embarking on a trip of discovery. You are the driver and I am the navigator accompanying you on your ride, directing your attention to signs that might be missed along the way. In the work, we will try to discover ways in which the past and old decisions may be impeding your experience, so that there can be a greater sense of choice and freedom. Emotions can be useful as a gyroscope and informational guide, rather than impulses that leave us at their mercy.